• Compiler Overview

    This week I got a request for a documented overview of the compiler and how it integrates with the Go compiler and runtime. I have just written the starting point of such a document and added it to the Oden repository. If you’re interested, have a look at doc/compiler-overview.md.

  • Upcoming Conferences

    I have the pleasure of presenting Oden at a number of conferences this year. The talks will cover the background, motivation, goals, and current state of Oden.

  • Source Mapping

    The Go compiler supports mapping between original source information and generated Go code with the line compiler directive. Using this technique Oden source information is now available in stack traces and when debugging compiled programs. This feature just landed on the master branch and will be available in the 0.3.3 release.

  • Overloaded Operators and float64

    Finally, with Oden 0.3.1, overloaded operators are here! As soon as the first Protocol support was completed I started working on operators being aliases for built-in protocols methods, thus making it possible to overload them just like you would do with regular protocol methods.

  • 0.3.0 Is Out!

    The long awaited 0.3.0 release is finally here. Even though it's incomplete curious users can now start trying out the new features.

  • Version 0.3.0 Is Coming

    Oden 0.3.0 is soon to be released and it will bring the new syntax, a new CLI and some much needed language features.

  • Type Signatures

    In the spirit of making Oden code more understandable and to help the developer writing the code, support for type signatures has been added in Oden 0.2.1.

  • The Haskell Rewrite

    During December 2015 the Oden compiler was rewritten in Haskell. This post explains the motivation for moving away from Racket.

  • A New Site!

    The oden-lang.org site has gone through some work, mostly to get this blog up and running. It is now built on Jekyll and some customizations and seems to work nicely!

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