Oden 0.3.0 is soon to be released and it will bring the new syntax, a new CLI and some much needed language features.

The Brand New Syntax

Probably the biggest change in 0.3.0 is the move away from the S-expression syntax. The User Guide is already updated for the new syntax so check that out. A post on the rationale behind changing the syntax might appear later on.


The old command-line tool odenc has been renamed to oden and there’s some new commands in it.

  • oden build - same as running just the old odenc command without any arguments.
  • oden lint <file> - type check, warnings, etc.
  • oden run <file> - run a file without compiling separately (must be a main package like main or foo/bar/main).

Much of the focus here is to lower the barrier for newcomers - it should feel easy and fun to pick up Oden.

Language Features

Oden 0.3.0 will bring some language features that just got to be there.

  • Blocks
  • Slices
  • Tuples
  • Structs

There’s still a bunch of stuff missing but it should be done before 0.3.0.

Vim Plugin

There’s a Vim plugin embryo that’s pretty usable already. It requires Oden 0.3.*. Go pick it up at github.com/oden-lang/vim-oden.


  • :make to run the linter.
  • Standard stuff such as !oden run % to run the current file. There may be a Vim command for this later, e.g. :OdenRun.
  • Syntastic lint checker.

Sublime Plugin

Also, a Sublime plugin is taking form. Like the Vim plugin it requires Oden 0.3.*. Go download it on GitHub.